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Retail: $214.60

Best Buzz Kit

$174.95 USD
FlexSeries Kit, Shave Essentials Kit, Travel Case, Charging Dock, Shaving Brush, and Head & Body Wipes
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Retail: $144.90

Clean Cut Kit

$124.95 USD
FlexSeries Kit, Shave Essentials Kit, and Shave Brush
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FlexSeries™ Grooming Kit

$79.95 USD
FlexSeries, Five-Head Blade, Precision Clipper, Exfoliation Brush, Silicon Massage Pad

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Retail: $45.00

Shave Essentials Kit

$39.95 USD
Nourish your skin before, during, and after shaving
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Pre-Shave Oil

$13.95 USD
Prepare your skin for a hydrated shave

Shave Cream

$16.95 USD
Softens hair for a closer shave

Aftershave Lotion

$13.95 USD
Protect your freshly shaven skin
Retail: $44.85

Scalp Care Kit

$39.95 USD
Purify, hydrate, and balance your scalp
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Purifying Scalp Cleanser

$16.95 USD
A daily detox for your scalp

Balancing Scalp Toner

$16.95 USD
Balance & Reduce Pores

Hydrating Scalp Moisturizer

$16.95 USD
Keep your skin looking ultra-fresh

Travel Case

$29.95 USD
Keep your FlexSeries Kit organized and safe on the go

Charging Dock

$19.95 USD
Always keep the FlexSeries charged and ready to go

Shaving Brush

$19.95 USD
The perfect shave starts with an incredible lather

Head & Body Wipes

$19.95 USD
Stay clean wherever you go to maintain healthy skin

Shave Bowl

$16.95 USD
Engraved lathering bowl for the Shave Brush

FlexSeries™ Blade Refills

$24.95 USD
Single replacement blade for the FlexSeries
Retail: $74.85

FlexSeries™ Blade Refills (3-Pack)

$59.95 USD
Three replacement blades for the FlexSeries
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You save $15.00 by bundling these items

Great little gadget. Fits nicely in the palm of your hand. After shaving with a razor for many years this was something different. Left a great close shave feel. I would recommend this product to anyone who shaves their head.

Joey E.

I have not had a single nick or cut, and I actually enjoy shaving my head now! It feels good to shave with this product, and I don't even worry, or have to be especially careful about cutting myself. I have not had a single razor bump, and the shave is plenty close for me. After five shaves, it is still on the first charge.

Brian W.

Best thing since sliced bread. Its easy, convenient, affordable, and effective. Better head shave than razors hands down. Too bad I can only give it 5 stars!

Tony P.

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