Shave Essentials

Get the most comfortable shave of your life with everything you need to avoid irritation. Packed full of natural oils and healing vitamins, feel amazing before, during, and after a shave!

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Retail: $45.00

Shave Essentials Kit

$39.95 USD
Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, and Aftershave Lotion
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You save $10.05 by bundling these items.

Pre-Shave Oil

$13.95 USD
Prepare your skin with a slick surface

Shave Cream

$16.95 USD
Soften and lift the hairs for a cleaner shave

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Aftershave Lotion

$13.95 USD
Protect your freshly shaven skin

Shaving Brush

$19.95 USD
The perfect shave starts with an incredible lather

Shave Bowl

$16.95 USD
Engraved lathering bowl for the Shave Brush

Head & Body Wipes

$19.95 USD
Stay clean wherever you go to maintain healthy skin

These products literally changed my life. I used to get such bad razor burn and irritation on my scalp. After a few weeks of using the entire product line including the shaver, my irritation has stopped and my head is finally on it's way to healing. I cannot thank Freedom Grooming enough!! Y'all are the best!

James T.

This pre-shave oil works amazing. I wasn't getting the best shaves at first, and decided to give it a try. Let me tell you it's night and day the difference it made. All the products smell great and my wifey loves it!

Tyron D.

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