3 Reasons why you don't need our shaver

Reason 01


You’ve been going to your barber for years, maybe decades!... and leaving your barber would be like leaving your spouse. You can’t just stop seeing your barber. He’d call you and wonder where you’ve been. It’d be messy.

To avoid the barber breakup, you’re comfortable spending $40 every 2 weeks. Sure, the FlexSeries electric shaver would allow you to keep your head looking baby smooth every day. And so what if it would pay for itself after 1 month of shaving at home. To you, it’s worth paying more at the barbershop so you can avoid the barber breakup. Right?

Reason 02


Your razor is your best friend. It’s been with you since high school. It’s the way your father taught you how to shave. And even though it nicks your head shaving, or causes ingrown hairs, it’s like a senile dog whose occasional bite is part of its charm.

But you’ve seen this newcomer, the FlexSeries electric shaver. Its 5 rotary blades individually flex for a 50% smoother shave in every stroke without risk of nicks and cuts. That sounds convincing to some, but you know better. It’s just marketing and gimmicks. You know a razor should cut your skin: That’s how you know it’s a close shave! You (and your old-dog razor) just simply can’t learn new tricks. Don’t buy the FlexSeries.

Reason 03


Listen, head shaving ain’t hard. And it shouldn’t be expensive. Why pay anything other than the bare minimum? You can get a 30-pack of disposable razors for $20. If you shave 3 times per week, you can make $20 last you 3 months – only $80 each year!

But then there’s the FlexSeries electric rotary shaver. It’s also $80 and comes with a lifetime warranty – if something happens, they’ll fix it at no charge. Sure, the FlexSeries has 15,000 positive reviews from customers saying they love their product and are so glad they switched from disposable razors, but that’s them. They don’t know what they’re talking about. You know what they say: You get what you pay for. Don’t buy the moderately-priced FlexSeries when it’s a better shave, and saves you time. It’s not for you.

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