6 Reasons you Should Start Shaving with Freedom

Say goodbye to cuts, bumps, and irritation. Ready for the fastest shave of your life?

Reason 01

It can’t hurt to try. Literally.

With technology getting better and better, nicks and cuts can finally be a thing of the past. Thanks to our sensitive shaver technology, you don't have to worry about injuries or irritation. It's literally impossible to nick or cut yourself with the FlexSeries.

Reason 02

Shave down to the skin. Not under it!

Our exclusive five-head blade is flexible, meaning it will follow the shape and contours of your head and body. Normal razors actually remove a thin layer of skin, and cut below the surface, which is bad for your skin health and creates irritation. The FlexSeries never cuts beneath the skin, and stays right along the surface, while producing baby-smooth shaves.

Reason 03

small investment now. Big savings later.

Whether you frequently visit the barber, or shave with a razor, you'll be saving both time and money by using the FlexSeries. The blades are engineered to perform and built to last. They remain sharp for up to fifty shaves, so no more over paying for normal blades that go dull after a few shaves, or paying a barber.

Reason 04

you decide, Wet or Dry.

The convenience of using a waterproof and cordless electric shaver is unmatched. If you're in a rush, you can shave on the way to work, or while you make your coffee. On the other side of that argument, you can even take it in the shower for a nice and comfy wet shave.

Reason 05

No more messy sink!

We like to make life simple, so we added a special feature to make clean-up a breeze. Our blades feature hair-pocket technology, meaning all the cut hairs will fall into the blade itself, and not all over the counter. Rinsing them out only takes a few seconds - and leaves your counter as clean as when you started!

Reason 06

try it for a month. 100% Risk free.

If you're new to shaving your head, or a seasoned veteran, it may be hard to believe that something works better than a razor. This is why we offer a completely risk-free trial, so you can try it today to get to see the results for yourself. Don't love it? Send it right back!

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