FlexSeries Instructions & Blade Cleaning Tutorial

Cleaning your Blade

If you want to make your precision shaves last, you must take care of your blades. Dull blades are the number one cause of razor bumps and irritation. The blades are designed to catch falling hairs, so you need to regularly clean them, in order to stop decreasing performance during shaving, as well as to maintain the longevity of each blade.

We recommend replacing your blades every 50 shaves, depending on your daily usage and hair type. All 5 blades are removable and cleanable, so watch the video below to learn a bit more about how you can properly clean and maintain your blades.



Changing Attachments

We like keeping things simple, and making changing the attachments and accessories a breeze. Simply pull the attachment right off, and push an attachment back on. There is a locking feature to ensure it remains in place until you apply enough pressure to pull it back off. Do not try to twist or rotate the attachments, as this will only damage your device or attachments.



Fresh blades mean healthy shaves

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Adjusting to your new shaver

If you have been using a different brand of electric shaver, please allow for some break in time. Although most shavers have somewhat similar shaving principles, their "in use" applications differ. Give yourself a week or two to adjust to the new shaver.

If you have been using a blade or razor, then you must give yourself a minimum of two to three weeks to adjust to electric shaving. Why? Well, every time you shave with a razor you actually take off a very thin layer of skin. With electric shaving, you are shaving at or below the skin line, without actually shaving the skin, so you need this two to three week adjustment time to get rid of the replacement scar tissue that the body produces after every razor blade shave. You don’t produce this scar tissue with electric shaving. Do not switch back and forth between blade shaving and electric shaving if you want to achieve the many benefits of electric shaving. Be determined and stick with your decision to use an electric shaver.