User Manual

Learn more about the FlexSeries Kit, what's included, and how to care for it.

Learn more about the FlexSeries Kit, what's included, and how to care for it.

The FlexSeries Kit

Get ready for the best grooming experience you've ever had.

What's Included?

Before First Use & Operation

  1. Charge the FlexSeries before you use it.
  2. Connect any of the included attachments by snapping it onto the device
  3. The FlexSeries is waterproof, however, the charging cable is NOT waterproof.
  4. Please use the included blade covers while traveling to protect the blades.

Charging & Battery

While charging the indicator will be RED.
  1. Insert charging cable into FlexSeries device.
  2. Plug charging cable into any standard household USB power supply.
  3. Verify the red light is on the device.
  4. To preserve battery life, do not leave on charger for over 24 hours at a time.
  5. Only use a compatible 5V 1A charging adapter.
Once charged the indicator turns GREEN.
  1. Only use the included charging cable. Do not cut or replace the cable or plug for safety. If the cable is damaged, it should be replaced.
  2. While charging, keep the device dry. Do not rinse the charger.
  3. Unplug the charger before cleaning.

Remove power cable before cleaning

Using Your flexseries

  1. Select an accessory and attach to the device.
  2. Use the power-button to toggle ON/OFF.
  3. Shave in small circular motions.
  4. If wet shaving, apply a light-medium lather of shaving cream or pre-shave oil.
  1. To ensure best results, regularly clean the device and blades. Simply open the blades, and rinse out any remaining trapped hairs.
  2. To remove the middle blade, rotate the head in the direction the arrow on it indicates.
  3. To keep safe, please close and attach all blades after cleaning for storage.

Do not wipe the shaver head with a towel or paper tissues, this may damage the blades.

Adjusting to your new shaver


If you have been using a different brand of electric shaver, please allow for some break in time. Although most shavers have somewhat similar shaving principles, their "in use" applications differ. Give yourself up to 5-10 shaves to adjust to the new shaver.

Why? Well, every time you shave with a razor you actually take off a very thin layer of skin. With electric shaving, you are shaving at or below the skin line, without actually shaving the skin. Do not switch back and forth between blade shaving and electric shaving if you want to achieve the many benefits of electric shaving. Be determined and stick with your decision to use an electric shaver.

Fresh blades mean healthy shaves

The number one cause for razor bumps and irritation is shaving with a dull blade. Our blades are built to last up to 50 shaves, but should be regularly replaced to maintain performance and to keep the best hygiene.

New Blade Refills

We offer blade replacements as a one-time purchase, or you may subscribe to auto-refills. Subscribers also receive a lifetime warranty.

Accessories for your flexseries

We also offer extra or replacement accessories that normally come with the device, as well as a charging dock and other products.

Cleaning Your Blade

If you want to make your precision shaves last, you must take care of your blades.

Our blades are designed to capture the falling hairs, with a pocket inside the blade. During shaving, this will collect hair, and if not cleaned regularly, it may cause the blades to slow down or potentially jam.

Each blade individually opens for a quick and easy cleaning. Remove the center blade by turning it counter-clockwise. Run them under water to remove all hairs.

Watch the video below to learn a bit more about how you can properly clean and maintain your blades.

Changing Attachments

Changing between the different attachments and accessories could not be easier!

Simply pull-off and push-on, no twisting needed. The locking mechanism on the connection port will lock in the attachments.

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