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Clean Cut Kit

That best of what we have to offer. Say goodbye to bumps, cuts, and irritation. Get a stubble-free shave in just a few minutes. Perfectly designed for those who have sensitive skin. Packed with natural oils and healing vitamins, your skin is guaranteed to feel amazing before, during, and after a shave.

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  • Right Tools for the Job

    In order to get the best results shaving, you need to use the proper line of tools.

  • Preparation is Key

    Natural oils form a protective layer over your skin, locking in moisture and providing lubrication for less friction.

  • A Flawless Shave

    Infuse your skin with nourishing vitamins, while keeping your hairs soft when shaving, making them easier to cut.

  • Replenish and Revitalize

    Refresh and soothe the skin after shaving. Removes any bacteria and tightens the pores to reduce any discomfort.

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The combination of our signature and flagship products to create a unique, comfortable, and luxury shaving experience. Designed to work seamlessly with each other, give yourself the best shave possible with our Clean Cut Kit.

Kit Includes

  • FlexSeries Kit

    All-in-one precision engineered electric shaving kit with multiple attachments, featuring advanced blade technology designed for quickly grooming sensitive skin, while reducing bumps and irritation.


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  • Pre-Shave Oil

    Tired of nicks, cuts, and razor bumps? Our pre-shave oil helps prepare and protect your skin from irritation by using a signature blend of Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Olive, and Avocado oils. Packed with natural oils and Vitamin E, it hydrates your skin for a close and smooth shave.


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  • Shave Cream

    The sole purpose of using shaving cream is to help you achieve a flawless shave. However, in its working, the cream will also nourish your skin and hair follicles. Our cream contains nutrients that infuse your skin with health and vitality.


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  • Aftershave Lotion

    Even the most careful shave is hard on the skin. Our aftershave lotion provides serious moisture that absorbs easily and leaves your skin looking and feeling healthy. It's also an effective all-day moisturizer, lasting up to 8 hours and helps reduce dryness and signs of aging.


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