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FlexSeries™ Blade Refills

Our signature flexible blade technology combined with precision cutting elements are able to contour your skin and cut hairs right at the surface, leaving a close shave without any irritation.

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  • Blades Stay Sharp

    Prevents bumps and irritation

  • Reduce Bacterial Buildup

    Hygienic for healthy shaves

  • Lifetime Warranty

    For the FlexSeries Device

  • Cleaner Shaves

    Create Smoother Shaves


Five flexible blades individually adjust to the contours of your skin. The entire blade assembly is able to pivot as you glide it across your body, resulting in quick, comfortable, and razor-close shaves.

The Design

  • Five Individual Blades

    Individually set blades allow for maximum closeness and comfort, and the ability to follow the contours of your skin.

  • Pivoting Motion

    Not only do the individual blades contour your skin, but the entire shaving head sits on a pivoting axis, making it completely versatile for shaving hard to reach areas.

  • Collects Cut Hairs

    The blade is designed with a pocket that collects cut hairs, so you can enjoy skin-close results with minimal mess, wherever you want to shave.

  • Easy to Clean

    Designed for ease of use, cleaning is fast and simple. Open each of the individual blades, and rinse them underwater, until the hairs fall out from where they were collected.

  • High Performance

    Our precision stainless-steel rotary blades were designed to cut your hair perfectly at the skins surface. Leaving no symptoms of shaving irritation when you are finished.


The actual cutting elements are composed of stainless-steel and do not dull easily.


Quickly attach or remove the blade to use any other accessory.


By capturing hairs and being easily cleaned, our blades increase personal & home hygiene.

Frequent Questions

  • How long do the blades last?

    For maximum performance and hygiene, we recommend replacing blades after 50 shaves. Damaged blades should be replaced immediately.

  • How will this handle my coarse hair?

    Like a champion! The cutting element is designed and spaced out to allow for thick and coarse hair to easily be cut down at the skin level, and protected by the mesh guards to avoid any irritation.

  • What does lifetime warranty mean?

    If you decide to subscribe to automatic blade refills, you will automatically be enrolled into the lifetime warranty program, for your FlexSeries device. This warranty covers the device only, and not the blades, since they endure consistent use and wear & tear.

  • Can I use shaving cream or oils?

    Yes, the blade is designed to cut both wet and dry hair. We formulated the perfect pre-shave oil and shaving cream to work seamlessly with the FlexSeries blade.