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Shaving Brush

The perfect shave starts with an incredible lather. Our specially crafted shaving brush comes with our custom Silvertip Synthetic fibers and a polished acrylic handle. It's designed to whip up a cushiony, protective lather, that leads to impeccably smooth skin, while protecting you from any irritation.


Shaving Brush


  • Build a Proper Lather

    Generate a warm and rich lather by whipping air into the shaving cream.

  • Soften and Lift Hairs

    The brush will clean, soften, and make the hairs separate from the skin.

  • Opens Pores and Lubricates

    Gentle friction of the bristles softens the skin while opening up the pores.

  • Gently Exfoliates

    Provides gentle exfoliation and removes any dead surface cells, something hands cannot do.

It Comes with a Bonus...

The Travel Tube

Ensure proper care of the brush and bristles when it is not in use. The tube is easy to hold, open, and travel with. It makes bringing your shave routine on the go that much easier.